Monday, March 5, 2012

CGE's first people-to-people licensed Cuba group is a success!

CGE's first group traveling under a people-to-people license recently returned from Cuba.  It was an intensive week with excellent information-sharing, learning, and fun.  The group was comprised of professors/educators, artists, retirees, corporate and non-profit workers - each bringing different perspectives into the experience.  
Some highlights of the week included: 
  • A visit to the National School for Circus Arts where we participants were able to meet with administrators and students and watch a unique performance
  • Hearing about Cuba-US relations from a professor at the University of Havana's Center for US and Herispheric Studies
  • Traveling to the rural community of Puerto Esperanza and speaking with farmers about their lives pre-revolution and after, as well as how recent economic changes are impacting them
  • Participating in a guided tour of the Museum of the Revolution, which made key historical events come to life,
  • Meeting contemporary artists and seeing a number of animated live music performances.
  • Most participants were also able to engage with Cubans in any informal ways throughout the week to learn about Afro-Cuban culture, business ownership, and daily life. 
 Participants returned home ready to implement ideas that will build upon and share their experiences in Cuba.

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